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Munro & Forster Communications
Bank Chambers
6 Borough High Street

Phone: 020 7089 6100

Our office is located at 6 Bank Chambers on Borough High Street, a very short walk from London Bridge station.

We are the second to last building before London Bridge, (on the west side of the road) above a pub called the 'Barrow Boy and Banker'. There are three doors to the building (including the pub entrance). Please enter via the door next to Adecco, on the north side of the building. Our meeting rooms are on the second floor.

If you are coming via the tube, it is best to follow the exit signs to 'London Bridge' rather than 'Borough High Street'. On reaching the top of the escalators, take the 'Duke Street Hill' exit, turn left and walk up up Tooley Street and you will see our offices 100 yards directly ahead of you, at the top of the hill (over the other side of Borough High Street).

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